How to participate

How to participate

There are many ways of participationg in ECC2018.

  • You can organise your own event and have it included in the official ECC2018 programme.
  • You can apply to participate in the ECC2018 - Open Call exhibition
  • You can participate in the Events - please see the programme
  • You can come as a visitor and join the exhibition openings and the party in the evening, to meet old friends and make new friends!


Either way we look forward to seeing you!


Adjoining events / Openscource program

The program of European Ceramic Context 2018 will include the main events organized by ECC2018, but also a number of other adjoining exhibitions events on Bornholm, organized by other groups, curators and artists.

We aim to develop the programme in an open scource culture, and will include many more events other than the official ECC2018 activities.

We welcome everyone to contact the secretariat to discuss the opportunities of organizing an adjoining event.
Adjoining events must relate to contemporary ceramics in Europe, or must match the general themes of ECC2018.
Activities must match the high artistic level of the rest of the ECC2018.

Therefore the secretariat also reserves the right to refuse events, that does not live up to these criterias.

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