New Bornholm Studio Ceramics

New Bornholm Studio Ceramics

As a part of the biennale, Hjorth’s Factory – The Ceramic Factory of Bornholm, invites all ACAB members (Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm) to participate in the exhibition "New Bornholm Studio Ceramics”.

The aim of the exhibition is to tell about the constant exploration of their materials. We would like to show works of art with strong visual qualities and textural character.

On this occasion it is possible to explore the exhibitions of Bornholm Museum at the Bornholm Cultural Historic Museum, Hjorth’s Factory and The Bornholm Art Museum for research purposes.

The aim has been to inspire the creation of new, relevant works of art. It is possible to find inspiration in already existing works of art by artists who have worked with the nature on Bornholm as a source of inspiration. Or as a working ceramicist, to use the nature on Bornholm as a narrative through the choice of materials and/or as an expression.

Hjorths Fabrik

Venue: Hjorth’s Factory The Ceramic Factory of Bornholm, Krystalgade 5, Rønne

Exhibition Opening: Saturday Sept 15th

Time: 10.00 

Regular opening hours

The exhibition is open until December 12th2018.

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